About Me
I am Lynda Pike and I am retired. I worked for two small newspapers for about 10 years doing typesetting and the graphic arts layout and design. I then worked for an advertising agency in Sacramento for 18 years as a graphic artist. Now I spend my free time creating art in various mediums including water media, mixed media, and fiber art. I also enjoy golfing, bowling, and taking care of my grandchildren.
I really enjoy the process more than anything. Getting in and getting my hands dirty and creating something from nothing, whether it's a blank white canvas or a piece of fabric... Making decisions and combining things and ideas to make a piece that comes together as a whole.
Why do you do what you do?

I basically started out doing watercolor only. Learned all the basic fundamentals and got to where I could work well from my photos. As time has gone by I slowly needed more from my art then watercolor could do for me. I became interested more in texture and being able to feel the paint and see the brush strokes more so I switched to acrylics. Acrylics are so versatile and fun to work with. The acrylic medium has lead me in the direction of experimental art. I love mixed media and trying new ideas and techniques to create texture. This has also run over into my second passion fiber art. I use everything I've learned from painting and combine it into art quilting and felting.
How has your practice changed over time?
Having to talk about my art and express what it means or why I do it. Having to do artist statements that are just seeing what fancy jargon I can come up with to impress the reader. If I could express myself well in words I probably wouldn't need to paint or create to express myself.
I like the creativity and color.
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Art Studio Trek
Who are you and what do you do?
What do you dislike about the art world?
My husband, family and my art supplies.
I don' like having an implanted diffibrullator.
It's who I am... It's my identity.
That I don't have a large body of work that is all the same. I can't seem to paint in a series. I like doing something different every time I start a new project.
Sometimes. I Participate in an art group and take art classes to network with other artists. I listen to music when working alone in my studio. I make sure I have fun outside my studio by golfing, bowling, and playing cards with friends.
Bad drivers. (Car drivers not golf drivers)
What do you dislike about your work?
What do you like about your work?
I spend way too much time on my iPad researching other artists use of art materials and new techniques. YouTube is quite useful and the whole Internet is like attending a workshop if you use it right. I'm amazed every time I find something new on the web. There is so much knowledge at our finger tips.
Sadona Chapel of the Holy Cross and Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin West Scotsdale Az., and also Carmel.
Favorite or most inspirational place?
Is the artistic life lonely and how do you counteract that ?
What wouldn't you do without?
Having fun and being original.

What's integral to being an artist?
What research do you do?
Why art?
Having a cardiac arrest at age 44 and being in a coma for a week.

What's your scariest experience?
Name something you don't love.
I do like that we have such wonderful medical technology. Even though I have a love hate relationship with my diffibrullator.
Name something you do love.
What makes you angry?
Taking a painting workshop with Robert Burridge. He is so motivational and fun. Helps you to paint the way you've always wanted to paint. Loose and free. No uptight little brush strokes.
Describe a real life experience that inspired you.
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